Many People Sharing

Toe-tapping and head shaking are two of the prime symptoms of MPS-Love. Have you caught it? If you have, we've got the cure.

There are now entries for well over half of the MPS albums ever released. Thanks to many of you readers/web detectives/scanners, we've got art for the good majority of these. Thanks to sharers and bloggers there are many free downloads linked up in the entries. Free shares at blogs and even more direct links.

The best way to deal with your MPS-Love is to share the wealth. Do you know of an MPS album lurking on a music blog? Post the link in the entry here, or if there's no entry, leave a comment here and I'll set one up. Do you feel like sharing an album you own, especially an out-of-print gem ripped from your own treasured lp? Go ahead and upload it somewhere and leave a link here. Better yet, start your own music blog. It's very simple to start and very rewarding.

I'm not just an MPS enabler, I'm a prime victim of MPS-Love. I'm posting entries all the time for albums I'd love to hear. That MPS Concert album from 1969 with Mark Murphy, Dave Pike and Herb Geller? That album with Tony Scott and the Indonesian musicians? Bulgarian fusion keyboardist Milcho Leviev's MPS entry? That Billy Taylor album with the incredible cover? ZOMG, folks, I'm starting to sweat. Help your fellow MPS lovers out and share the love.