Don Sugarcane Harris - Anthology

Multiplying Probable Salivation

Magic Purple Sunshine has been a great success. I'm really amazed--and grateful--how many MPS albums have been collected in one place. I've heard a ton of music I've loved and some I have not. But it's been a great experience, which will continue, even now as the list of yet-uncollected albums grows shorter.

Meanwhile, the label-collecting bug has spread, and as you can see from the new blog list at left, there are now similar blogs collecting albums and discographies from several other labels.

I am pleased--or crazed--to announce another blog that is my own project, Nine Sisters, collecting the output of the legendary American jazz label MUSE. It's built on the exact model of Magic Purple Sunshine, so its format will be familiar to readers here. There is even a post for contributions and new additions, especially since it is not as completely laid out as our blog here. Hopefully I will see some of the regulars here over there as well. There's a lot of albums linked up, but there are many more not yet found, many causing me, as noted, to salivate wildly.

Now, back to the MPS!


Music Posting System

Unlike other music blogs, new contributions here do not necessarily rise to the top of the blog. Since I've tried to create an entry for every MPS album whether or not I know of any resource on the web for that album, many entries do not actually have associated downloads. But new links get added to old postings almost every day. Did you know you can get updates to what's being contributed by other MPS-Lovers?

I've been posting an update to the entry More Powerful Searching when something new is shared. If you subscribe to the comments of that blog post you'll get those updates delivered right to your g-mail inbox so you can come back and snag all the good stuff.

And any album you share will quickly infect other MPS-Lovers with a fresh dose of MPS fever.



15382 Duke Ellington & Ron Collier Orchestra - Collages - 1973

15384 Friedrich Gulda - Musician Of Our Time: Midlife Harvest - 1965-72

MPS 15 452 - Monty Alexander Live in Germany - Monty Strikes Again - 1974

repackaging of Unlimited Love?

15550 Karl Berger - Woodstock Workshop Orchestra Live at the Donaueschingen Festival - 1979

15348 Various Artists - USA Jazz Live: Oleo - 1971

15341 Various Artists - USA Jazz Live: Moten Swing - 1971

15350 Various Artists - USA Jazz Live: The Hymn - 1971

15369 Various Artists - From Europe With Jazz - 1971

Hans Koller, MASTERPIECES - 1995

1995 CD anthology

BASF - Fantastic Quadro - Grosse Orchester Spielen Welthits - 1975