Many Seasons Passed...

I'm putting the blog back online, because there's a lot of great information here, but shutting off the comments and therefore all links, because music blogging is not what it once was, and the threat of unreasonable legal repression is too great.

Thanks to everybody who enjoyed this blog and shared music while the sharing was good. Times change!

Remember to support your local musicians.


More Powerful Searching


This is not a regular music blog, it's more like an information clearinghouse to help you express your MPS-Love.

Click HERE, to view complete discographical listings by MPS catalog number. In progress of course--not yet all discography lists are posted. Then click through on catalog number to the individual album listing. Even more in progress, not all MPS albums have entries here yet.

Or view LABELS at left to search by year, artist, or subgenre. Not all entries have art or links. That's where you come in. Leave links or descriptions or reviews in the comments.

Don't forget to thank ME, for helping you complete your MPS collection. Don't forget to thank the various BLOG OWNERS for sharing their hard work, and don't forget to thank the ARTISTS by actually buying CDs so they can be paid for their work.

Check out the Jazz Labels Listing Project for more discographical info on MPS than you could ever imagine.

Then CHECK BACK frequently for updates, additions, and improvements.

Please HELP fill in the blanks by adding comments or links to blogs, art, reviews, sales offerings, etc.

Magic Purple Sunshine/MPS-Love is not affiliated in any way with the actual MPS company or its license holders.

UPDATE: I will try to record various album contributions in the comments here. If you subscribe to the comments on this post you will be notified of many reader shares and contributions.




Most Promising Sound

Musikproduktion Schwarzwald ceased existence as an independent entity in the 1980s. It's now owned by the Universal label, and many of its albums and compilations have been reissued in Europe, the US, and Japan under various licensing arrangements.

Today Promising Music is reissuing albums from the MPS catalog in extremely well-conceived CD format. They've put out individual albums in really nice packaging and multi-CD anthlogies collecting many albums by a single artist.

Think how good your scratchy rips would sound and feel with actual CDs. Go ahead, spend some money.


Music Peddlers Solidarity 3

Are you enjoying all the rare goodies my co-blogger Mellow has been sharing with you? Well not today...in our annual tradition, for the third year I am shutting off comments and therefore hiding download links for the duration of RECORD STORE DAY. Visit the Record Store Day homepage for information on activities near you. There's a new wave of MPS CD reissues just this minute released -- available at Dustygroove.com among other places (I'm looking forward to picking up the CD reissue of Dave Pike's "Salomao" ), and there are local in-store events and online specials all over the place. So take a day's break from online downloading and go out and spend some money.

Support your local artists!

Comments and download links will be back up Sunday.


Update: Comments restored, back to normal. What did you buy on Record Store Day?