Manners Preserve Sanity

WOW! All this free music. Now, mind your manners.

I've noticed a LOT of visitors lately and very few comments. A handful of comments have been somewhat rude. Please be sure to leave a comment of gratitude now and then to make sure the people sharing links feel thanked. Even better, come back and leave your opinion of the music.

Before you leave a demanding comment like "LINK????" please read the posts at the top of this blog. When trying to grab a link from the comments, you may have to copy text you cannot see... some URLs do not show up completely. Most links end in ".rar" or ".html". Many of the albums listed here do not yet have links. Why don't you find one of these rare LPs and rip it for us? We will surely thank you for it!

To those who have left comments of thanks, or shared links, or shared information, or generally helped out, let me offer you a hearty THANKS of my own. And my apologies for burdening you all with this small complaint.

Now, to listen to some more music....